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One ladies determination towards change


The first time I met Gloria – I knew she was fierce. In the best sense of the word. Life had thrown her more than a few challenges, which had left her at the time of our first encounter, living out of her car with her young daughter. If feels like a lifetime ago thinking back to that day.  I can scarcely believe that this same woman now not only runs her own cake business, but also opens her home to disadvantaged and at-risk youth. The link in my memory between the past and present version of Gloria is that fierce ‘fire in her belly for change’.

That change has obviously been personal, but for the past five years Gloria has also helped change the lives of many other people needing sanctuary from homelessness and the complexities that attach themselves to that word. So it is no surprise that Gloria is now extending her business to work alongside disadvantaged youth, through hospitality and life skills. coffee and cake

In Gloria’s own words, “My goal is to boost confidence for youth in the workforce as well as supporting disadvantaged youth to become independent….from basic life skills, to making and serving nutritious meals, food prep and customer service”.

A big believer in Gloria’s vision, is her daughter Amy. The same girl I also met all those years ago alongside her mother, ironically outside a cafe on a busy Melbourne street. Amy has grown into an equally fierce and remarkable young woman. Amy first set up a Go Fund Me page as a surprise for Gloria’s birthday, to bring in some money and raise awareness of Gloria’s heart to ignite further change. ‘Food for More’ is a way to use Gloria’s skills, not only in the kitchen, but also in connecting with hard to reach youth.

If you would like to stand with Gloria and Amy to see this dream continue, visit her Fundraising Page.